Auto Headlight On Kit

Auto Headlight On Kit

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Once the key is turned on the lights will come on automatically after a 10 second delay.


The Ironman 4x4 auto headlights on kit is suitable for 12/24v vehicle systems and autonomously activates the vehicles headlights. Once the key is turned on the lights will come on after a 10 second delay, and will turn off after the key has turned off. This system can be wired into a negatively or positively switch vehicle system. This kit is perfect for vehicles where the headlights can stay on all the time, reducing the chance of a flat battery. There is a built in over ride for when you do want to have the lights on.


Voltage: 12v/24v
Notes: Lights on when vehicle ignition is switched on.
10 second delay at ignition to reduce battery starting load.
Delay on exit. When the ignition is turned off the lights will stay illuminated for 10 seconds.
Parking/Tail light functionality.
Overide function.
Custom delay time and Voltage cutout.


Fitting Instruction Sheet