Who taught this Toyota to swim 😱 - Will he make it?

 Whilst we don't recommend trying this extreme river crossing 😱, if your going to cross a river make sure you have a good snorkel. North Eastern 4x4 can supply and fit a high quality Snorkel to your 4x4 for peace of mind when crossing your next river.  🏞

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All Ironman 4x4 snorkels use UV-resistant polyethylene, and all mounting hardware is stainless steel. “We use LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) due to the excellent UV and impact resistance,” Adam Craze said.

“For the design we start with 3D scanning the vehicle, so we can ensure the perfect fit against the vehicle. We design the shape around the optimum airflow and vehicles features,” he said. “We ensure the snorkel doesn’t sit too high or too far out to ensure they are compatible with other accessories like side-steps with rails.”

The snorkel’s air intake is also higher and in front of the windscreen, and Ironman uses a four-inch head and intake to ensure sufficient air volume to the engine. Ironman snorkels are then tested – from the dyno to the real world – before and after fitment.

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